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~*Six Billion People in This World...

And Sometimes All You Need is ONE~*

4 June 1983
Hey everyone....Lets see, I have had a livejournal since I was 16 and I am now 23.... so its been a long time.

I love to write, I love to express myself in poems, and I just love to be around friends that care about me....
I can say that I know what love is, it is just not for me at this moment because of a past relationship. I have very strong feelings about that area, and I am one that argues her case everytime someone tries to tell me what love really is...Ill fight back until the day I die...haha...j/k around there...but for real......

I am a carefree girl, who has compassion and love for everyone....well almost everyone...it takes alot for someone to bother/hurt me and if ya do, you dont want to be on my shitlist...haha....j/k...i usually dont hold grudges but you never know who you will run across....